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“Don’t expect financial change if you’re not willing to make one. Trust The Wealth Cycle; we’ll help you discover your financial freedom to gain control once again over your life, your finances, and your future.”


Our vision is to be the most dependable source for financial literacy education and credit repair services. We aim to empower and enable individuals to improve their credit and credit scores, achieve their financial objectives like refinancing, buying new homes, or even funding their businesses.


The Wealth Cycle is determined to make a positive difference in the lives of the clients and businesses we serve. For clients, we help restore their credit scores and provide knowledge to make better financial decisions. For business owners, we work hard to offer solutions for all kinds of businesses to obtain the funding they need to develop and grow a successful business.

About Us

The Wealth Cycle emerged in August 2021. We understand the challenges faced daily, even more so undergoing a pandemic. Paying off debts or obtaining funding can add stress to our already hectic lives. 

At The Wealth Cycle, we help you understand all the options for managing your finances. Many people are not financially literate or familiar with a credit report, which results in missed opportunities for financial freedom. We provide the financial education and services that can simplify your life and set you on the road to financial success.

We assist clients with all phases of the credit structuring and rebuilding processes. But we don’t stop there! We help with business incorporation, business funding, marketing outlets. Furthermore, we will also be offering consultations and online classes soon.

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The most important investment you can make is in yourself.
– Warren Buffet

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